Private Instruction

Things to Remember:
  • Students must take private lessons through their 10th grade year.
  • A good amount of research may be necessary to find an appropriate private instructor. This generally depends on your child's level of play, your schedule, and cost. We recommend that you consult our database and contact a college near you for available instructors or music majors who teach private lessons (Carson-Newman College, University of Tennessee, Pellissippi Community College, Roan State Community College, Maryville College), or call your local music store, such as Lunsford's or Rush's, as they often provide contacts. You will most likely need to drive to the instructor's home or studio, so find one convenient to your travels if possible.
  • When a student is a beginner, often a proficient high school student is a worthy option for the first semester or two of band. If a private instructor has a full schedule, ask if they can recommend one of their own advanced students until space is available. Advanced students often make great first instructors, are less expensive, and benefit from the experience of working with your child. Perhaps try for a month of lessons with you observing the lesson and see if they have the needed maturity required.
  • Some private instructors are capable of teaching a semester or two of a beginning student, even though the specific instrument is not their specialty. At the end of this time period, move on to a more specialized instructor, a great option if your first choice is booked for the semester! Be sure to mention the playing level of your student when discussing lesson options!
  • Expect to pay at least $10-$20 per half hour lesson, normally paid in advance. Often the more qualified an instructor, the higher the lesson price will be. 
  • Private lessons should first reinforce what is taught in band (scales, technique, tone quality, etc.), then secondly expand the student's instrumental skills. This means that if your student is struggling with his or her band music, help with the music should come from the band director and the private instructor. Bring your band music and ask for help during private lessons if your child needs it.
  • If you are unable to find an acceptable private instructor, notify your band director for assistance.


Some musical instruments are available for rental or sale through KCYB. Please speak to one of the KCYB music directors for details on availability.

Guidelines for instrument rentals: 

  • Instrument rentals done by trimester (Aug - Dec, Jan - May, Jun - Jul)
  • A one-time instrument damage deposit of $50 is required for each instrument rental.
  • At the end of the rental period, the instrument must be promptly returned (5 days or less.)
  • All rented instruments must be returned to KCYB at the end of each music season for inspection and maintenance.
  • The deposit will be refunded if the instrument is returned in a timely manner with no damage other than normal wear and tear.
  • If an instrument is damaged, the $50 deposit will be applied for instrument repairs.