Our Organization

Knoxville Christian Youth Bands (KCYB) is a Christian-centered band program available for homeschool, private school, and public school students, fifth grade through twelfth grade, who are interested in an outstanding instrumental music experience. The program includes three principle band opportunities: Beginning Band, Concert Band, and Symphonic Band, with additional ensemble opportunities. As defined in IRS Publication 557, KCYB is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, managed and operated by an entirely volunteer Board of Directors.

Our Mission Statement

KCYB is dedicated to excellence in music education for motivated school-aged students. Our purpose is to provide an environment for quality instrumental music education for home school, private school, and public school children in East TN. KCYB offers an educational environment founded on Christian values with positive social experiences and outlets for creative musical expression. In addition, we strive to serve the local community through band performances that are educational, entertaining, and uplifting.


Knoxville Youth Christian Concert Bands, the forerunner of KCYB, was established in January 1995 to provide a quality homeschool music education program in East Tennessee. The vision was to provide a Christian environment where young musicians learned to honor God with their talents, developed character through the study of music, and formed a supportive community of relationships.

Over the years, the program grew and the bands progressed to higher quality advanced music. As interest allowed, a Jazz Band and small ensembles were formed. Many students have passed through the program and have gone on to enjoy the fruits of their participation. These have included not only home school students, but young people from private and public schools as well.

Statement of Purpose

  • Provide an environment for quality instrumental music education for private, public, and home schooled children in East Tennessee
  • Provide an education setting founded on Christian values
  • Provide a positive social experience and outlet for creative, Christ-like musical expression
  • Serve the local community by offering opportunities for public service through performances that are educational, entertaining, and uplifting

Music Curriculum

KCYB is designed to foster the development of your child’s musical education through active participation in private instruction, group rehearsals and concert performances. The music education program is run by highly qualified music directors and is designed to address the needs of students with a wide range of musical skills, abilities and commitment. KCYB provides several performance opportunities each year: a Fall Concert, a Spring Concert, Performer’s Night, and regional music festivals. Eligible students may also participate in East Tennessee School Band and Orchestra Association (ETSBOA) or Tennessee Secondary Schools Band Directors Association (TSSBDA) Junior, Senior, or Jazz Band Clinics.