Beginning Band

Beginning Band is for students with little to no musical experience on a band instrument. Beginning Band gives students an opportunity to play in an organized ensemble to compliment their independent practice and private lessons.

Do beginners need to audition?

New Beginning Band students will not audition, but will automatically be placed into the Beginning Band.

Concert Band (Intermediate Band)

Concert Band is appropriate for students who have played a band instrument for one year and participated in private instrumental instruction for a minimum of six months. If a student has changed instruments mid-year or is struggling with fundamental skills on their primary instrument, there may be a recommendation for that student to dual enroll in beginning and concert band.

Symphonic Band (Advanced Band)

Symphonic Band is appropriate for the most advanced students who have played a band instrument for at least three years and have developed a proficient skill level.

Small Ensembles

Small ensembles are formed for students who seek to perform uplifting music at community outreach events and venues. Opportunities available in the past have included local churches, nursing homes and retirement communities, as well as the Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries.