Member Resources


The Member Handbook aims to set proper expectations for KCYB members, directors, parent volunteers, and the Board.  Do not hesitate to reach out with questions about any section of the Handbook.

KCYB Member Handbook


Students wear formal concert attire for our performances. New students or students needing a new uniform will be fitted for their uniform in the first few weeks of the semester. Payment for uniform items should be made at the time of ordering. At times, pre-owned uniforms are available for purchase at a discounted price. You may preview the uniform order form, here.

Instrument Rental Options

KCYB is able to offer some instruments for rental to students for the KCYB season. For instruments we do not have in inventory, we suggest contacting Rush's Music in Knoxville for a rental instrument. Contact us at to inquire about current pricing and options. 

KCYB Merchandise

We have some excellent merchandise available for purchase to show off KCYB and our love of music in general! The merchandise table is open at all KCYB events, and the order form may be found here. All merchandise proceeds go directly to KCYB expenses.